Paul is an inspiring teacher and facilitator and welcomes the opportunity to share creative resources and holistic leadership practices with pastors and church musicians, congregations, seminaries, and larger denominational groups (Presbyteries, Conferences, Synods). Recent workshop topics include:

Worship/Liturgy Planning - Reflect on seasonal scripture passages from the Revised Common Lectionary and explore hymns, responses, and choral music connected to weekly themes. Improvise with sacred text to create new worship elements and find opportunities for lively discussion and dialogue with fellow preachers and worship planners.

Finding Unity Within Diversity - How can worship reconcile generational, cultural, and stylistic differences that exist in our communities? Reflect on and participate in songs, leadership practices, and strategies that can help unify and strengthen the assembly of God’s people.

Paperless Music - Explore the ancient and new practice of paperless music leadership, sharing songs as people did before music or words were written down. Experience how this style of singing can empower singers of all ages and ability levels as well as enliven and transform worship and community life.

The Word Became Flesh - Sing and improvise with sacred text and prayers, experiencing how music gives new life to Psalms, Scripture readings, Prayers of the People, and Eucharist/Communion liturgies. Share in participatory learning that invites deeper listening and awareness.

Sing God a New Song - Experience music that will expand and enrich your congregation’s repertoire of sung prayer and praise, including music from the Global Church, Jazz, Gospel, chants, and newly written material with inclusive and expansive language for God. Learn helpful strategies for introducing new music into liturgy.

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