the Holy One has chosen you

Last month, Not So Churchy, an emergent Presbyterian faith community where I share musical leadership, had its very first baptism. A trans woman in the community, who had begun her gender transition a few months prior, stepped into the baptismal waters and was marked as Christ's own. I had the privilege of being one of her sponsors, charged by the community to be a spiritual companion on the journey.

In the months prior to her baptism we shared our respective faith stories, reflected on the history and significance of the sacrament, and imagined what the liturgy might look and feel like. It was a powerful experience that reconnected me to my own baptism experiences (yes, there were more than one) and helped me reclaim God's deep and unending love for me. 

I wrote "The Holy One Has Chosen You" at a ritual that marked the beginning of her gender transition process. It only felt right to include it again for the baptism, as we reminded her and each other that we are all chosen and cherished children of God. 

You can download a copy of the score here and have permission to use it in your congregation free of charge. It would be suitable for the Baptism of Christ (January 10), Renewal of Baptism liturgies, Ordination, or any other moment we celebrate God's never-ending love.

The Holy One has chosen you. You are loved.